Our Trip To Koh Lipe Part 2: What To See & Do

Koh Lipe

In case you missed it, Part 1 of Our Trip To Koh Lipe talked about how we got there, and what you can expect from the three main beaches around the island. This week we are going to tell you about the awesome activities… Continue Reading

Our Trip To Koh Lipe PART 1: Getting There & The Beaches

koh lipe

A few weeks ago we headed south for our honeymoon/vacation/trip of a lifetime.. Koh Lipe is Thailand’s southernmost island, near the Malaysian border. Dubbed the “Maldives of Thailand” because of its crystal clear waters, we were pretty excited to get to… Continue Reading

Thai Food: Our Top 5 Meals in Thailand

thai meals

Nothing like a good old top 5 list to make everything else seem inferior. But when it comes to Thai food, is there such a thing? Admittedly, we have had some bad tasting dishes in Thailand.. but not many. You can find Thai restaurants… Continue Reading

Thailand Travel Tips: Getting Around Phuket

getting around

Phuket Island is over 48km long, and 21km wide in some parts.. It’s not exactly walking distance between beaches. We are convinced that most people who Hate On Phuket, do so because they don’t venture out of Patong and the other main tourist… Continue Reading

Krabi 4 Island Tour: Highs, Lows, And Many, Many People


When we first arrived in Phuket, we spent a few busy weeks trying to find a home, buy a car, and had Shawn’s parents visit us. Our weekends we’re spent with a quick trip to the beach, then hours of blindly… Continue Reading

Life In Thailand: Why We Love Being The Only Expats On Our Street


When we we’re looking for a place to live in Phuket, we struggled to find something that felt right for us (read our post about Finding A Home In Phuket for more info). After living in tiny one room apartments since our… Continue Reading

How To Enjoy Singapore On A Thai Budget


Last January, we were over the moon when Shawn received his job offer! They advised that we would have to go to Singapore to apply for his Thai Business Visa, which is required to work in Thailand. Luckily, they were covering… Continue Reading

Grocery Shopping In Thailand: Uncertainties And Fails


This post is inspired by tomato paste. As you may have guessed, its Katie writing today (Ola!) For the first 3 months we were in Thailand, we only stayed in hotels or small, cheap ‘apartments’. We didn’t have a kitchenette, and had… Continue Reading

Getting Hustled In Thailand: Tourist Traps And Scams To Watch Out For


We rave about how cheap life is and how good the food tastes. We throw pictures of beautiful beaches in your face every single post. We freakin’ call ourselves ‘The Lucky Couple’. We are bragging, little jerks. So this post… Continue Reading

5 Reasons To Put Khao Lak On Your Thailand Itinerary

kl cover

Islands. People think of Southern Thailand and see rugged, green islands surrounded by turquoise blue water, capped with monkeys riding on top of elephants. Admit it. But hear us out.. There is this really cool place that isn’t technically an island, but it… Continue Reading